Welcome to Apache Drill!

To start using Apache Drill, you first want to configure the back-end and then create a project on the right hand side or, if you're new to Drill, take a guided tour using some example data first. If you don't have the Dummy Drill back-end running locally, change the address to http://srvgal85.deri.ie/apache-drill/, using the configure button below.

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For example, try the following queries: name:jane, or created:[2012-10-13T17:29:48Z TO 2012-10-13:17:29:48Z], or simply Guinness. Note: you can also execute the query by hitting ENTER while having the SHIFT key pressed.


Project Provide a title for your project here.

Help on projects

Projects are a collection of datasets, for example grouped thematically or by the original data publisher. A query is executed against all active data sources across all projects.

Data Source Provide an unique identifier for the data source here (for now, this is the name of the Lucene index).